Zimbabwe: Council denies private investigation in bid to recover US$180,000 lost to bogus company


The town of Masvingo is reportedly not going the private investigation route and is filing a claim with the Registrar of Deeds’ office in another desperate attempt to recover money paid to a bogus Harare company.

The company had promised to deliver bitumen and reversible plate compactors to the townhouse, but did not honor the agreement.

The local authority reportedly paid US$180,000 to a company known as Podilla Ventures (Private) Limited in 2018 for 695 drums of bitumen and two reversible plate compactors.

However, the supplier only delivered 150 drums of Bitumen, leaving a balance of over 500 drums and the two reversible vibrating plates.

It appeared that there were numerous attempts to recover the money but to no avail as the business no longer exists.

The Council also sought and obtained an order from the High Court in an attempt to recover its money from Podilla Ventures, but this did not materialize due to its non-existence.

This has prompted some board officials to recommend a private investigator, who will be hired to dig deep and locate the company’s directors.

A recommendation had been made earlier this year advising the local authority to engage a private investigator.

“It has been reported that the Council has engaged its solicitors to recover the outstanding amount and a High Court order has been made in favor of the Council,” the recommendation read.

“The House Secretary recommended that council engage a private investigator to locate Podilla Ventures and serve the High Court order. The item was deferred to the next meeting pending further investigation.”

Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke overturned the recommendation to hire a private investigator, which he said would be problematic.

“The issue of hiring a private investigator came as a proposal but we decided not to go that route as it can be problematic,” Maboke told NewZimbawe.com.

He told this publication, however, that they were making efforts to recover the money and that they wanted to apply to the deeds office for the addresses of the directors of Podilla Ventures.

“We have decided to check with the Registrar of Deeds to obtain the addresses of the officers of the company as they are still operating another company, so we have decided to apply for the disclosure of the corporate area,” he said. -he adds.

The city council is still counting the losses and desperately trying to use any means to recover the money.


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