Vegan charity calls for criminal investigation into ‘Jackass Forever’ animal stunts


“No one is above the law and while the rest of the world wants to save the bees and recognizes the animals as sentient individuals, these morons exploit and abuse them for fun.”

‘Jackass Forever’ is being slammed for animal cruelty by leading animal charity PETA.

The latest American reality slapstick comedy is Jackass’ first film in 11 years and sees the team perform painful, dangerous and often gross entertainment stunts.

While the Paramount Pictures film debuted to positive reviews and is expected to top the box office, it has sparked an outcry for exploiting, harassing and harming animals.

According to PETA, the stunts allegedly filmed in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo counties may have violated California laws “on bullfighting and similar exhibits, requiring any animal to fight with a human and cruelty to animals.” animals”.

Jackass Forever Waterfalls

The film features guest stars such as Machine Gun Kelly, Eric Andre, Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O, among others.

In one particular scene, a swarm of bees is tricked into stinging a “donkey” in the genital area, killing many of them in return.

In another, a cast member allegedly “punched” a scorpion until it stinged the other person in the face.

These cruel stunts prompted PETA to write a letter to Los Angeles County and San Luis Obispo prosecutors urging them to “investigate and bring appropriate legal action against those involved in the filming of animal cruelty scenes in the film”.

“Donkeys exploit and abuse animals for fun”

“If Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville want a career in little boy fantasies, they’ve got it, as long as they don’t stress, hurt, push, scare or disturb the animals that are used as living props for their idiocy,” the vegan charity wrote in a statement.

“PETA reminds city and county prosecutors that no one is above the law and that while the rest of the world wants to save the bees and recognizes the animals as sentient individuals, these morons are exploiting and abusing them to pleasure.”

“Boycott the Movie”

In a follow-up letter, PETA also called on authorities to conduct a criminal investigation into the film’s production and urged subscribers to boycott the film.

“This renewed push for an investigation and potential criminal charges sends a clear message to Hollywood that the use and abuse of animals in movies and television shows is cruel, unimaginative and (we believe) illegal,” said PETA.

“Animals are not actors – they didn’t consent to these horrific stunts, and they shouldn’t be used for our entertainment.”

“Violent and vulgar”

Other vile stunts in the film include tricking a bull into charging at a participant, tricking a snake into biting someone in the nose, and having a tarantula trapped in a plastic tube between two people’s heads.

Ingrid Newkirk is president of PETA. She added in a statement: “Jackass stunts are violent and vulgar, but if the skill is willful and the injuries are self-inflicted, that’s one thing.

“However, it’s something else entirely when animals are exploited, harassed and harmed: it’s cruelty.”

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