UOG Investigation Report | Buckle PNG


The report was presented to Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science, Technology and Sports Wesley Raminai on Friday 01 October.st in Port Moresby.

Acting Chancellor Joe Wemin presented the report to the minister on behalf of the university council.

“I would like to thank you Minister, Honorable Raminai for your confidence and the confidence you have placed in the Council. We also recognize the government’s support for you to address the maladministration and the issues that have been raised about our university, ”Wemin said.

Wemin said all universities are learning institutions for the country and need to be well managed to train future leaders in the respective fields to be creative and productive.

He added that the survival of the university and the management of the university depend a lot on certain keys, such as the following:

  1. They must be managed with caution;
  2. Systems and processes must be operational and managed effectively and efficiently;
  3. Scarcity of resources is always a matter of public policy, and whatever resources the government provides to these institutions must be managed with care in order for core activities to be carried out effectively.

Wemin thanked stakeholders, including staff, parents and the community, who have raised some allegations about the management of the university. He said it was because of the allegations that the council was able to compile the findings.

“This gives me an indication that the active participation of citizens in our universities and in our government agencies is very, very crucial because citizens have to speak out,” Wemin added.

Minister Raminai recognized the work of the council and the administration. He said it had been difficult this year with some legal challenges, but with everyone’s cooperation, the university has made it this far.


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