Trumpistas recall campaign against Atlanta district attorney conducting criminal investigation against him.

Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia

Fani Willis is the prosecutor leading the criminal investigation into Trump and his henchmen over their brazen attempts to subvert the will of voters and change Georgia’s electoral votes and attribute them to Trump.

The Trumpistas launch a recall campaign to have her impeached. It is true that they are trying to have her removed from her duties in order to prevent her from completing her investigation. It’s a clear indication that Trump and his minions are starting to panic now that the writing is on the wall. He says Trump will be indicted in the near future. Georgia will be the first to indict Trump, followed by the January 6 committee report that will contain enough evidence to support an indictment for attempting to overthrow the government and obstructing congressional proceedings. Their report may or may not contain a referral to the DOJ recommending that they pursue criminal charges; I hope they will make such a recommendation. Whether they make such a criminal referral or not, after the midterms, Merrick Garland and the DOJ will indict Trump for his failed coup attempt.
We must all do everything in our power to ensure that she is not recalled, that she is re-elected and that she remains in office until Trump and his cronies are indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned in their place. We can’t risk her being recalled or beaten by her Republican opponent who would have the power to drop the charges after she takes office, and thus let Trump and his gang escape justice.

We all remember the infamous phone call Trump made to Brad Raffsenberger, the Sec. of state, illegally trying to coerce him into overthrowing the will of Georgian voters, and “finding 11,780 votes” is all I need to win Georgia and steal the election from Biden. That’s exactly what he was trying to do, even if his lyrics don’t say it directly. It will be the responsibility of DA Willis to present sufficient evidence to the Grand Jury to indict Trump.

We also cannot forget the fake voter scam. Fifteen of Georgia’s fake voters were told they were targets of the GJ investigation, and a number of them were subpoenaed to testify before the special grand jury.
I’m sure some of them will make a deal with the prosecution to escape jail and testify against Rudy Giuliani, who was one of the orchestrators of the fake voter scam. As Trump’s attorney, Giuliani reportedly had direct communication with Trump. Eventually, Rudy will realize that he can end up in jail, and then he can make a deal and agree to testify about his conversations with Trump. Giuliani’s testimony would provide direct evidence of Trump’s intent, which would be sufficient to indict and possibly convict him.

Fani Willis’ reelection may just be a local race for Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney, but it will have a massive impact on Georgia and across the country. This could well be the most important re-election race in the country.

Unfortunately, not all of us can go to Atlanta and vote for his re-election. But we can all donate to her campaign to ensure that she will be able to fund a vigorous ballot campaign. Additionally, every Democratic voter she brings to the polls on Election Day will likely also vote for gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams and Senate candidate Raphael Warnock. You will get a political trifecta for your donation.

To donate, simply use Act Blue and enter Fani Willis in the search box, this will take you to her campaign.


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