The son of an economist, 27, “broke”, a police officer is the subject of a criminal investigation


Arthur Holscher-Ermert was on foot when the the incident happened just after 11:10 p.m. on Saturday evening the A259 South Coast Road in Peacehaven, East Sussex, and was pronounced dead at the stage.

The driver of the unmarked police car that Mr Holscher-Ermert has been told he is being investigated for causing death by dangerous driving, according to the British police watchdog.

The unnamed officer, a police officer, will also be questioned for possible serious misconduct, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The IOPC said it will decide whether to refer a case to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine whether the officer should be prosecuted at the end of his investigation. It could take up to six months.

The cop was not arrested. “The officer has not been on duty since the incident and will be placed in restricted, non-public duties pending the outcome of the investigation,” a Sussex Police spokeswoman said.

A police car ran over Arthur earlier this week, according to the video. Officers were following the amateur player when he got out of his vehicle and fled. Mr Holscher-Ermert attempted to cross the road and was hit by a police BMW, dash cam footage showed.

Officers allegedly handcuffed Mr Holscher-Ermert as he lay face down on the road in a pool of his own blood, moaning for help, witnesses said. “You killed the man, you killed the man,” a witness shouted.

Mr. Holscher Sr. Professor Jens Holscher d’Ermert said: “I’m still in shock.” They should have fixed the situation, and I’m still confused as to what happened. There was apparently a chase, and we still don’t know if it was an accident.

The IOPC Fund said it obtained evidence showing Mr Holscher-Ermert was driving an Audi being chased by a police car after officers from the Newhaven and Peacehaven areas noticed him.

They claimed the chase ended on Bramber Avenue, when Mr Holscher-Ermert got out of his Audi and was hit by another police vehicle shortly afterwards.

According to IOPC Regional Director Graham Beesley, the events leading up to the incident and the police actions that followed will be investigated, including reports that Mr Holscher-Ermert was handcuffed at the scene.

‘It is essential that we understand why Mr. Holscher-Ermert was wanted by the police, as well as what information, if any, the cops had about him or the vehicle he was driving,’ he said. .

We are aware of allegations that Mr. Holscher-Ermert was handcuffed at the scene, and this will be further investigated.

Mr Holscher-Ermert’s family have been informed and the IOPC Fund will meet with them soon, he said.


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