Ten assistants ready to testify in Meghan Markle bullying investigation, report says


At least ten former staff who worked for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ‘lining up’ to cooperate with an investigation ordered by the Queen into allegations that Meghan intimidated her staff, it was claimed Thursday evening.

Requirement was made in the British newspaper on Mirror and is likely to be taken seriously as it was directed by well-sourced royal journalist Russell Myers.

Sources linked to the group, who have been assured of confidentiality while the investigation continues, said staff members were considered “extremely professional and proud of their efforts” when working at Kensington Palace.

A source said The mirror, “A group of people are lining up to participate. They have been silent for too long and there is a lot to say.

He came after a report in the Daily mail said some alleged victims of workplace bullying by Meghan refer to themselves as the “Sussex Survivors ClubAnd suffer from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The newspaper’s royal reporter, Rebecca English, said that during a royal tour of Fiji, “I saw Meghan turn around and ‘whistle’ at a member of her entourage, clearly glowing with rage about something, and ask to leave. I later saw this same very distressed staff member, a woman, sitting in an official car, tears streaming down her face. Our eyes met and she lowered hers, humiliation engraved on his features.

An explosive report in London time Tuesday said Meghan systematically intimidates staff members and her communications manager Jason Knauf was so appalled by Meghan’s behavior that he took his concerns in writing to his superiors. This email was leaked to The temperature.

Buckingham Palace responded by ordering a full investigation into the bullying allegations.

“The first time we heard about it, it was through the press – it’s a script in its own right.“

– Source near the Sussexes

Meghan’s camp was keen to stress that the complaints raised by Knauf have been dropped. However, the MirrorThe source said: “The complaint has been investigated and these staff members have been interviewed and given an opportunity to pursue it further. For some reason, they decided not to, possibly because they were still in office and worried about the implications.

A source close to the Sussexes told the Mirror from the palace investigation: “The first time we heard about it was through the press – it’s all a tit-for-tat scenario … it’s very difficult to know what the process is. If it was a private company, we have indeed already been fired and I’m not quite sure what a process might be. “

A spokesperson for Meghan and Harry declined to comment on The Daily Beast.


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