Sussex Police defend investigation into Sophie Read’s death


Sussex Police have defended their investigation into the death of 17-year-old Sophie Read and urged the public to be vigilant over the drug trade.

An inquest in Hove last week heard the teenager died two years ago of a drug overdose after spending a night at an Airbnb with Reis Forde, 26, who was later arrested for providing food drugs and perverted the course of justice.

Sinead Doyle of Worthing was also arrested for perverting the course of justice. No charges were brought for lack of evidence.

Sophie’s mother, Natalie Reeve, criticized the investigation.

A spokesperson for the force said: ‘A thorough police investigation has found no evidence of any crime committed in relation to the tragic death of Sophie Read and this has been accepted by the CPS.

“A detailed police report has been sent to the coroner. Police gave evidence at the inquest and there was no criticism of the police action by the coroner.

The spokesman added that the force has received correspondence, including complaints and requests for information about police action in October last year, from Sophie’s family, and responded with information and explanations.

“We have not received any complaints about police action in relation to this case,” he said. “We have received a request for information from a legal representative on behalf of the family, and we will respond to it as well.”

Sophie Read has been described by social workers as ‘very, very friendly’

On the wider issue of drug trafficking in Sussex, the spokesperson said it was “crucial” that the public continued to be vigilant.

“Drug trafficking is a national and complex problem that the police cannot solve alone,” he said. “We work closely with councils, schools, charities and other police forces, the Met and British Transport Police in particular, to help clear drugs, especially county lines, and protect young people and vulnerable people who are exploited.

“It is crucial that the public continue to contact us with information or concerns about drug trafficking in their area. Our priority is to keep our communities safe and feel safe.

The spokesperson added that Sussex Police were taking “strong action” to dismantle drug lines and disrupt supplies.

“It is our daily job to target and disrupt serious criminal activity through numerous operations and tactics, including warrants, plainclothes and uniformed patrols, and intelligence-led arrests,” he said. he declares.

He added that current examples include a detailed update on the force’s “heavy activity” across Sussex against drug trafficking in the counties, with the seizure of drugs worth £125,000, £20,000 cash and 50 computers and phones, plus 30 arrests.

Anyone with information about drug trafficking in Sussex can call the police on 101.


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