Stillinger Investigations, Inc., a private investigation service in South Carolina, has opened an office in Charleston


CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, March 9, 2022 / — When it comes to private detectives, no one is more effective than Brian Stillinger and his team. Stillinger, a United States Marine Corps veteran, worked as a military fraud investigator as well as a military security specialist. He also has experience working with presidential security. Stillinger has been a private detective for over twenty-two years.

The CEO of Stillinger Investigations, Inc. has also armed himself with an array of education. Mr. Stillinger holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and a BS in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina/Park College.

“At Stillinger Investigations, we have over 50 years of combined investigative experience and a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds and qualifications,” Stillinger said.

With such a diverse background, the Stillinger team provides many different services. Stillinger Investigations specializes in adultery, child custody, criminal defense, insurance fraud, background and jump tracing.

“We’re only able to cover such a wide variety of services because of the great diversity of our team’s backgrounds,” Stillinger acknowledged.

Stillinger Investigations is licensed in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Stillinger Investigations has offices in Columbia, Lexington, Myrtle Beach and, most recently, Charleston.

The team has expanded its network to add the new Charleston SC Private Investigator Branch. Among the many services provided, customers can use hidden cameras, GPS services, digital forensics, database research, counter surveillance, etc.

Additionally, the Stillinger Investigations webpage is user-friendly, designed to give users the easiest experience possible. Stillinger Investigations lists their services professionally to show how seriously they take their investigations. A testimonials section is provided to show how Stillinger Investigations has served the community.

There is also a fees section so you can see the price of each service. Stillinger Investigations is upfront and transparent with its service fees. Users can also find contact information for each of the field offices located in the state of South Carolina.

Stillinger Investigations also has a dedicated insider news section so you can be better informed about current investigative practices. This section is full of all kinds of useful articles, and the amount of resources at your fingertips is endless. This section also serves to educate clients before they even inquire about investigative services.

There is also a section dedicated to digital forensics. As technology advances, the practices of Stillinger Investigations also evolve.

With Stillinger Investigations, you can feel comfortable knowing that these highly experienced professional private investigators will solve your case! Visit their website today at

About Stillinger Investigations, Inc.: Stillinger Investigations has helped thousands of people in need of a private investigator in Charleston, South Carolina since its founding in 1991.

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