Sidney Powell’s group is under criminal investigation


About a year ago, Sidney Powell’s bizarre legal antics in favor of Donald Trump reached an extraordinary point: Rudy Giuliani, of all people, concluded that Powell had gotten a little too ridiculous, even for the Trump team. .

First, Powell was fired for pushing conspiracy theories considered so hysterically ridiculous that the president’s other attorneys at the time showed her the door. Soon after, Giuliani went so far as to say that her ideas exceeded “the bounds of rationality”.

This was not the low point in Powell’s career trajectory, however. Over the summer, a federal judge ruled that an anti-election lawsuit Powell helped file was so patently absurd that the conduct of the attorney and her colleagues warranted “a remand for investigation and possible suspension.” or deregistration”.

But as embarrassing as it must have been for Powell, things could still get worse. The Washington Post reported yesterday:

Federal prosecutors demanded the financial records of several fundraising organizations launched by attorney Sidney Powell after the 2020 election as part of a criminal investigation, according to a subpoena reviewed by The Washington Post.

This report has not been independently verified by MSNBC or NBC News, but if correct, there’s reason to believe Powell faces some tough legal questions.

At issue is an apparent federal investigation into an array of groups, including Defending the Republic — a 501(c)4 nonprofit founded by Powell — and a political action committee of the same name.

According to the Post’s reporting on the subpoena, Powell is accused of creating a nonprofit group that solicited funds to file anti-election lawsuits, but as Rachel noted on the show As of last night, federal prosecutors appear to be investigating whether she, in fact, used much of those donations for herself.

If so, that would mean Powell defrauded his donors and potentially even defrauded the government by possibly misrepresenting the nature of the work his nonprofit conducts.

The Republic’s defense denied any wrongdoing. Watch this place.


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