Sidney Powell’s fundraising groups reportedly subpoenaed in criminal investigation


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The Justice Department issued a subpoena in September to a fundraising group and political action committee led by far-right lawyer Sidney Powell in connection with a federal investigation, the Washington post reports, adding to his legal problems in the wake of his failed campaign fueled by disinformation challenging the presidential election results.


Federal prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC, have issued a grand jury subpoena to groups including the organization Powell’s Defending the Republic and a PAC of the same name, according to the To post, who said they reviewed the document and spoke with an anonymous source familiar with the investigation.

The summons would seek documents related to fundraising and group accounting, dating back to November 1, 2020.

The document request is part of an ongoing criminal investigation, To post reports, the exact purpose of which is not yet clear.

Dominion Voting Systems, which is suing Powell and Defending the Republic for libel, has previously asked how the organization’s funds were spent between when donations were first requested on November 10, 2020 and when it was incorporated Dec. 1 with organization representative Brandon Johnson stating in deposition in August in a libel suit brought against Powell by a former Dominion employee he “doesn’t know where [donations made during that period]
went, but they did not go to the Defense of the Republic.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office also fined Defending the Republic $ 10,000 over the summer on To post reports, after it was established that the organization had violated several state laws, including how it was registered in Florida and for “obtaining contributions by means of deception, false pretenses, false statements or false promises.”

The US attorney’s office declined to comment on the To post or confirm the investigation, and the Department of Justice, Defending the Republic, Powell and his attorney Howard Kleinhendler have yet to respond to requests for comment, although Kleinhendler told the To post Defending the Republic “will not be diverted from its missions by lies, innuendos and other distractions”.

Chief critic

“We have always known that the more effective we are, the more the false attacks will intensify,” a Republic Defense lawyer told reporters. To post in a report. “Defending the Republic has and will continue to fight for #WeThePeople that makes this country work.”

Crucial quote

Any funds donated to Defending the Republic prior to its incorporation “would necessarily have been mingled with bank accounts controlled by Sidney Powell,” Dominion Voting Systems said in a May statement. court filing in a libel lawsuit against Powell and Defending the Republic. “As the person holding the purse strings … Sidney Powell treated the entity’s funds like his personal funds, redirecting them to the law firm he controls and dominates, and raided them to pay for his defense. personal legal. “

Large number

Over $ 7 million. This is how much Defend the Republic received in donations in fiscal 2021 ending in September, according to a budget submitted to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services cited by the To post. The group donated $ 550,000 to the privately funded partisan audit in Maricopa County, Ariz., And also solicited donations to fund Powell’s post-election efforts, which included unsuccessful lawsuits aimed at overturn presidential results in four battlefield states. Powell suggested that the group’s donations also be used to fund her own legal defense, as she now faces the consequences of her post-election efforts. The daily beast reported On Tuesday, Powell clashed with other far-right figures linked to the organization over allegations that she had used her funds for personal gain, including former Trump adviser Michael Flynn and the former CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne.

Key context

Powell was one of the main far-right figures to spread baseless allegations of voter fraud in the aftermath of the 2020 election, a campaign for which the lawyer now faces a plethora of sanctions. Powell was sued for libel by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Machines for making fraud allegations involving corporate voting machines, as good as by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer. Powell has now been sanctioned in Michigan, where a federal district court has ordered her and her co-counsel to pay legal fees, undergo legal training and potentially be struck off for their post-trial. election in the state, which the judge said was “a historic and a profound abuse of the judicial process.” Powell also faces potential penalties in Wisconsin, where Gov. Tony Evers has asked the court to force the attorney and his co-counsel to pay more than $ 100,000 in legal fees. the Texas State Bar investigating potential sanctions against Powell, which could result in his delisting or other sanctions, and a ethics complaint was filed in Arizona against Powell and other attorneys.

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