Private investigative services to reach $ 6.4 billion in 2021


CLEVELAND, April 26, 2017 / PRNewswire / – Revenues from private investigation services are expected to increase by more than 3% per year until 2021 to reach $ 6.4 billion. As these services are typically used by more affluent end-users (such as high net worth individuals and large corporations) and because the perceived risk of crime increases during times of economic crisis, the demand for private investigative services has increased. relatively stable demand over the past decade. Growth will be supported by lingering concerns about fraud, cyber attacks and other corporate crimes, especially as the media continue to draw attention to high-profile cases of such violations. These and other trends are presented in Private Security Services in the United States, 15e Editing, a new study by The Freedonia Group, a Clevelandbased industrial research company.

Private investigation services are strongly affected by the amount of information available free online. On the one hand, the large amount of data available to everyone may limit the need for private contracted survey services, as some end users are able to find the information on their own. However, the proliferation of information also benefits private providers by expanding the amount of information available that they can use in their research. In addition, private investigators are better trained and familiar with sorting and understanding the available data, which promotes the use of these services.

Additional revenue gains will be limited by the growing competition private investigators face from other segments of the security services industry.. According to the analyst Katherine brink, “Pre-employment screening service providers, security consultants and data security companies all offer services that offer better protection against attacks or that allow end users to track vulnerabilities on their own. security, limiting the demand to a certain extent. “

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