Pocatello Funeral Home Fetuses Now Under Criminal Investigation


POCATELLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Police have confirmed that the case of the fetuses and bodies found at Pocatello’s funeral is now a criminal investigation.

For the past three weeks, police have attempted to identify the bodies found at Downard Funeral Home in Pocatello. Idaho State University says the fetuses were donated to the school as part of a fetal development study and sent to the funeral home for cremation. The school ended its relationship with the funeral home and later filed a formal complaint with the police.

The Pocatello Font says they seized computers from the funeral home and sent them to a forensic lab to be examined. The police are also working to go through all the files seized and stress that the investigation will take time.

One of the bodies is still unidentified. Below is the description:

No. 11: Adult female approximately 60-70 years old at the time of her death. The female was bald and had a dark gray curly wig. She had pink acrylic or pressed nails and wore a long pink pajama shirt with a screen print of a bear holding a cup of coffee, wearing pink bunny slippers that had “I’m a BEAR in the morning”. She had a medical port on her chest that was purple. The woman may have been in hospice care at the time of her death. It is estimated that she had been in the facility for approximately 2 weeks prior to 03/09/2021.

If you have a lead, please contact the Pocatello Police Department at 208-234-6121 or the Bannock County Coroner’s Office at 208-236-7377.

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