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An online petition is asking Langley City to reveal why Mayor Val van den Broek was stripped of his committee responsibilities while his Surrey counterpart was not.

Posted on on Saturday May 14th under the title “Langley City Council – Release FULL INVESTIGATION REPORT used to CENSURE Mayor Val van den Broekthe petition was created by Leith White.

White, who is a pastor at Friends Langley Vineyard Church, told the Langley Advance Times that he started the petition as a private citizen, not in his capacity as a church.

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White said it didn’t make sense that van den Broek was suspended while Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum was ‘still operating in full capacity as mayor’ even though he faces a criminal charge of public mischief for his claim that a Surrey opponent slated for RCMP police replacement deliberately stepped on his foot.

McCallum, who holds a majority on Surrey’s council, was able to fend off attempts to have him resign from the Metro Vancouver board and its committees, the TransLink mayors’ council, and his position as chairman of the Surrey Police Board.

On May 12, Langley City Council released a statement saying the mayor had been censured for “conduct unbecoming a member of the city council”.

Without going into specifics, the statement said the matter was related to the city’s respectful workplace policy, workers’ compensation law, and health and safety guidelines and policies. workplace safety, and had been independently investigated by a third party experienced in employment law.

“What are ordinary citizens supposed to think in these two situations?” Leith commented.

“On the one hand, we have a mayor charged under the penal code who is still operating at full capacity [and on the other] a mayor stripped of his powers because of a fragmentary report to the public. The people of Langley City should know the whole truth.

Citing confidentiality and privacy legislation, the city’s announcement said council members were unable to discuss details of the case.

“Council took the matter very seriously and would not have taken such action for a minor concern. Council assures the community that due process and procedural fairness were observed,” the city’s statement read. .

White said he worked with the mayor to organize a temporary emergency extreme weather shelter at Douglas Park Community School during a record-breaking cold spell in December.

“She was hugely supportive and really helped,” White remarked.

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By Sunday morning, only seven people had signed the petition.

In announcing its decision, the city said the issue relates to the city’s Respectful Workplace Policy, the Workers’ Compensation Act and workplace health and safety guidelines and policies.

“Council took the matter very seriously and would not have taken such action for a minor concern. Council assures the community that due process and procedural fairness were followed,” the announcement said. the city.

Mayor van den Broek has been removed from various committees and positions she held as mayor, including the Fraser Health City Advisory Board, Healthier Community Partnerships, Langley Christmas Bureau, Langley Christmas Wish Breakfast, Langley Local Immigration Partnership and Youth Advisory Committee.

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