PETA Calls for Criminal Investigation into Animal Cruelty Allegations in ‘Jackass Forever’


PETA at demand prosecutors to investigate several incidents involving animals that took place on the set of “Jackass Forever.” The film, which was released last week, includes multiple scenes in which the animals are either beaten or coerced into attacking the participants.

“Instead of cutting scenes that involved goading a bull into charging, provoking a sensitive snake to the point of attack, and forcing an easily frightened tarantula into a closed tube between the heads of two screaming people, Paramount Pictures has added even more animal-operating “waterfalls” in the final cut of the film,” PETA said on its website.

Besides the aforementioned incidents, other scenes include a scorpion being hit over and over again, and Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O causing bees to sting Steve-O. This is all the more disappointing considering Steve-O has been a vegan and animal rights activist in the past.

Last year, PETA asked producers to remove certain scenes involving animals after viewing a trailer for the film, then demand a district attorney and a Los Angeles City Attorney “to investigate and take appropriate legal action against those involved in the filming of scenes involving apparent animal cruelty in the film Jackass Forever”.

Now they have sent letters to Los Angeles City and San Luis Obispo County prosecutors, asking for a criminal investigation because some of the stunts may violate California animal cruelty law. They also called on moviegoers to boycott the film.

Donkey the stunts are violent and vulgar, but if the talent is voluntary and the injuries are self-inflicted, it is one thing, but it is quite another when animals are exploited, harassed and injured: it is cruelty,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

So far, the film has been a hit, taking the upper point at the box office on weekends. Hopefully that changes as more people learn about what happens to the animals there.

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