New Haven cop arrested after lengthy criminal investigation – NBC Connecticut


The New Haven Police Department said an officer was arrested after being charged with dating a prostitute while on duty earlier this year.

Police said Constable Christopher Troche approached a woman on a routine patrol and made “unwanted contact” with her.

Troche was put on administrative leave on April 5. An internal case and a criminal investigation have been ongoing since then.

During the investigation, the prosecution determined that there was a probable cause for obtaining an arrest warrant against Troche. He went to the police department on Sunday.

Troche faces charges for dating a prostitute on $ 25,000 bond.

He has been a member of the Police Department since September 2018 and is currently assigned to the Patrol Division.

The police department says it takes all complaints about officers who violate public trust seriously.

“We work extremely hard to be transparent to the community and provide many ways for citizens to file complaints against agents. It was extremely important to this investigation that the victim had confidence that the New Haven Police Department would take the complaint seriously and investigate thoroughly regardless of the nature and status of immigration, “the chief information officer said. , Scott Shumway, in a statement.

This is the third arrest of a police officer this month. Constable Marlena Ofiara was arrested on November 5 and Constable Monique Moore was arrested on November 2.


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