New big scandal of the commanders of Washington: criminal investigation for financial irregularities


Jhe Washington Commanders find themselves submerged in controversy and far from disappearing, they are multiplying. The latest major scandal involving Dan Snyderstill owns the team, is that the organization is the subject of a criminal investigation following allegations of financial irregularities.

ESPN revealed the information about the investigation. However, franchise attorneys mentioned that there was no illegal activity.

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Declarations of the commanders’ lawyers

“It’s no surprise that ESPN is publishing more lies based solely on anonymous sources, given today’s announcement,” the statement read. John Brownleeread the team’s attorney to ESPN.

“We are confident that after these agencies have had an opportunity to review the documents and complete their work, they will come to the same conclusion as the team’s internal review: that these allegations are simply untrue. “

Dan Snyder’s past scandals

According to reports from ESPN, Snyder, who has already begun to intend to sell this franchise from the capital of the United States, accused all the owners of the NFL, in particular against jerry jonesowner of Dallas Cowboys.

ESPN mentioned that Snyder had hired private investigators to find revelations that would return the power of the Washington Commanders to him.

One of the league’s owners confirmed to the sports site that Dan Snyder bragged about having “compromising information about Jerry Jones”, whom he once called his mentor.

Commanders owner punished by NFL

Dan Snyder has been suspended by the NFL following an investigation by the US Congress that revealed toxicity within the organization.

Dan Snyder was involved in physically harassing a former employee whom he also asked to have sex. The 2009 case ended in a $1.6 million settlement. However, the former employee contacted Marie-Jo White (former prosecutor in charge of the case) to open a new investigation.

Snyder was fined $10 million and ordered to maintain no relationship with team control. His wife, Tanya Snyderwould have taken full control of the commanders.


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