Mayor of Antioch: 10% of the city’s police under criminal investigation


ANTIOCH — The Antioch Police Department has eight of its officers currently under investigation by federal and county prosecutors, Mayor Lamar Thorpe announced Monday.

Thorpe told a press conference that the officers were on administrative leave due to the investigations. The eight are 15% of the city’s 57 patrol officers and 10% of the entire police force.

A criminal grand jury was formed, which could then increase the number of officers indicted. The mayor was recently invited to meet the new leadership of the police union.

“It has become increasingly clear to me that at this meeting our police officers need stable and unwavering leadership,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe said the city has fast-tracked the appointment of its permanent police chief and city manager. Acting City Manager Con Johnson and Acting Chief of Police Dr Steve Ford will now serve permanently.

Raw video: Press conference on criminal investigations involving Antioch police


The mayor did not provide additional details about the police investigations.

“As always, this is an ongoing investigation. And so, we want to respect that process,” Thorpe said. “But I understand the community’s frustration in wanting answers to these issues.”

In March, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office announced a criminal investigation involving officers from the Pittsburgh and Antioch Police Departments. Prosecutors said the investigation covered a “wide range of offences” and “crimes of moral turpitude”, but no further details of the offenses were available.

The prosecutor’s office went on to say that a review of active and closed cases involving the officers under investigation will be necessary to determine whether those cases are compromised.


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