Man arrested for brutally beating his wife; Attorney General forms investigative team


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — In a touching story that angered Saudis, which also soothed their sense of justice when one man’s brutal action got the just desserts it deserved.

A husband brutally assaulted his wife in Jeddah and it drew anger from the people, who also felt happy when the police department arrested the citizen early on Saturday.

He was referred to the Jeddah public prosecutor’s office after taking initial legal action against him, police said.

Security authorities had received an alert from a hospital in Jeddah about the arrival of a female victim of a criminal assault with a sharp object.

The Public Prosecutor has ordered the formation of a team specializing in the investigation of cases of aggression against persons, families and minors while referring the children of the family to the competent authority to provide them with care and social support.

An official source at the Public Prosecution stressed the protection of criminal justice for the family and its members in the Kingdom, and that the crime on its formation and stability requires criminal responsibility, and the abuser will be referred to the competent court for require the most severe penalties provided by law in this regard.

The victim’s sister posted a message on Twitter, confirming that the husband hit her sister with a sharp object in front of her children and blinded her, and that she had fractured heads and skulls.

She confirmed that her sister had been in East Jeddah Hospital since the 19th of Ramadan after her husband assaulted her when he hit her with a knife in different parts of her body including 5 in the face .

She added that her sister suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and separate fractures in her body.


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