Long-awaited SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force investigative report released


The Southern Baptist Convention’s Sexual Abuse Task Force has released the highly anticipated results of the past eight months of research and interviews.

To access the full report and recommendations, click on here.

The report contains the unedited and unredacted results of the independent study by Guidepost Solutions investigation into the SBC Executive Committee’s handling of sexual abuse cases for a period of 21 years (2000 to mid-2021). As instructed in the motion sent by messengers to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville, the Sexual Abuse Task Force was to receive Guidepost’s report no later than 30 days prior to the annual meeting (which happened on may 15) and then make it public within seven days (which happened today).

Also released with the report are recommendations from the task force in light of the report. Specific motions related to the recommendations will be directed to messengers attending the SBC annual meeting in Anaheim, June 14-15. The motions are expected to be made public before the end of May.

The Alabama Baptist is providing team coverage of today’s events and will post articles related to the findings beginning this afternoon. To track individual articles as they are published on TAB’s partner site (thebaptistpaper.org), follow the latest news section here.


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