LILLEY: RCMP spoil criminal investigation into Justin Trudeau


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The whole saga of Justin Trudeau’s illegal vacation six years ago on the Aga Khan’s private island is embarrassing for Canada. The handling of the investigation by the RCMP, now exposed for all to see, only adds to the embarrassment.

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Although the Ethics Commissioner has already determined that the vacation was illegal because it violated the Conflict of Interest Act, documents released this week show that the Mounted Police considered bringing charges against Trudeau, but decided against it. finally decided not to. Documents related to the investigation should make anyone wonder if the RCMP is a serious police force capable of investigating almost anything, let alone allegations of wrongdoing at the highest levels of government.

The alleged investigation appears to have consisted of agents going to Google to find information about the Aga Khan, his foundation and the report issued by the Ethics Commissioner on the matter. Investigators even copied and pasted Trudeau’s Wikipedia page, including his family tree.

One thing they haven’t done is talk to the prime minister himself.

A chart detailing how the police department should proceed in deciding whether to lay charges against Trudeau shows there was one key point they were unsure of. Rather than seek clarification from Trudeau, the Mounties said they weren’t sure and dropped the case.

Trudeau was being investigated for a possible charge of government fraud. Section 121 of the Criminal Code prohibits government officials from accepting rewards from people with whom the government does business.

A lavish Christmas vacation on a private tropical island is certainly seen as a reward and the Aga Khan, through his foundation, was doing business with the government. The constables, using their charter, established that Trudeau was a government official, that he was accepting a benefit from the Aga Khan, that the Aga Khan was doing business with the government, and that Trudeau knew that he was accepting a benefit from someone who has connections to the government.

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Next to the question of whether Trudeau had the written consent of the head of the branch of government in which he works, it said “unknown”.

They should have asked because Trudeau admitted on Tuesday that he did not have that consent when he made the trip. According to the police investigation, Trudeau should now be charged with fraud, but they never bothered to ask.

The Mounties, looking more like the Keystone Cops, failed to do their job.

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The Conservatives, meanwhile, have been asking Trudeau about it for several days since the story broke, and he laughs it off. Among his responses on Wednesday when asked about allegations of breaking the law, he said he supports keeping abortion legal and that conservatives should talk about it rather than his trip to paradise .

For taking the seemingly illegal vacation, Trudeau mostly faced a slap on the wrist and public humiliation over the ethics commissioner’s report. The police dropped the ball and voters have rewarded him with two more terms since.

Is it any wonder that a large part of the public is skeptical?

Trudeau interfered in a criminal prosecution to help a friendly company (SNC Lavalin) and suffered no consequences. He swept the We Charity scandal under the rug. He is now trying to set up an investigation into his use of the Emergencies Act to wash away his sins in this case.

And during this vacation that seems to have clearly broken the law, Trudeau stands in the House of Commons and laughs.

No one is above the law, not even Prime Minister Trudeau. The Conservatives want the RCMP to reopen their investigation, I would prefer that a more competent police force take over.


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