KFC ‘launches private investigation’ to find FAKE food inspector in South Africa


It’s official. KFC will now dig into one of the most popular urban legends making the rounds in South Africa. According to the fast food franchise, they will now set up a private investigation to arrest a cheeky Chancellor – who allegedly posed as a fake food inspector.

Hurry to find a “fake food inspector”

In a press release on Tuesday, KFC said the investigation would get to the bottom of allegations that first surfaced in 2019. Although some rumors have been completely denied, Mzansi officials still suspect someone illegally dine at a restaurant.

KFC’s problem, however, is that these “fake stories” have continued to inspire real-life imitators. The early false reports were so far-reaching that other South Africans have since tried their luck as quality assurance officers. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

KFC is South Africa’s most popular fast food franchise – Photo: Getty Images

KFC seeks to hunt down ‘urban legend’

Beckett Mathunzi is the lead investigator on this case. The top cop will have to sniff out any “poultry game”, and a dedicated hotline has been set up for members of the public, in case they have any information to share.

If there is no truth to this myth, Mathunzi can be left running around like a headless chicken. The PI won’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers, and catching this suspect would be quite the feat. KFC is certain, however, that this mystery has legs – and they are ready to plant their beaks there…

“KFC has announced that it will launch a private investigation to track down an alleged bogus food inspector soliciting free food from KFC stores across South Africa. Media reports of the alleged bogus quality assurance inspector from KFC first surfaced in 2019.”

“The incidents initially reported were considered an urban legend. Subsequent social media coverage of the fake food inspector led to more stories of other quality assurance impersonators.

“KFC has appointed private investigator Beckett Mathunzi, to establish the authenticity of the alleged reports and, if real, to seek the identity of the fake food inspector. Any information can be shared via the 24 hour hotline, on 0872 406,724.” | KFC press release


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