Independent investigation report published | Imperial News


Imperial released parts of the 2020 independent investigation report into the bullying allegations.

This follows an instruction from the Information Commissioner’s Office, issued last week, and an Imperial Council meeting on February 2.

Council Chairman John Allan wrote to the Imperial community to share the report and explain the College’s decision to publish rather than appeal the ICO instruction.

The ICO agreed that personal information about participants in the process, including witnesses and complainants, should be withheld, but determined that portions of the report containing personal information about the president and chief financial officer should be disclosed. .

The report is available for reading now [pdf]. The report’s 12 recommendations were released in 2020.

President Alice Gast said: “It was personally devastating to me to find that my behavior fell short of the Order’s expectations and my own expectations and affected a colleague in this way. I reiterate my sincere apologies. I am committed to using the experience as a catalyst for positive change for me and Imperial. In the two years since these events, I have worked hard to ensure that my colleagues feel fully supported as we all contribute to improving the culture of the College.

Chief Financial Officer Muir Sanderson said: “The report makes reading as uncomfortable as it is in 2020. I apologized for my actions and remain sorry. I cooperated fully with the investigation and accepted the disciplinary measures applied. Since then, I have been trying to learn the lessons of this period. The work is still in progress, but I’m always encouraged when someone comments that they can see the results of my efforts. I intend to stay focused on that.

The report is available for reading now [pdf].


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