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Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

We filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint against the ISP and AG some time ago regarding records they withheld regarding the ISP’s criminal investigation into Shelby County . The ISP has now produced many unredacted copies containing information the public needs to know. We plan to produce a video discussion of the content of these documents, but we wanted to provide a few things before the video.

After receiving the criminal complaint, the ISP launched its “investigation.

How many people did the ISP formally interview after receiving the complaint, not counting the interview with the person filing the complaint?


Yes, only three people were formally questioned about the issues raised in the criminal complaint. Don Koonce, Rob McCall and Gina Vonderheide. Although there was no official interview report for Tina Wade, she was asked about one thing, which was that Bob Zakowski was paid for a week he wasn’t working. Wade was unable to produce documentation to support the benefit period Zakowski received and confirmed to Zakowski that he had not worked during the period in question. Wade’s interview was not recorded as a separate interview, but was merely a quick visit to verify what they had been told about Zakowski’s compensation issues. This is the only documented verification of the information given to them that we found in more than 125 pages of documents. For those who want to count a question to Wade as a formal interview, the total was four.

How many total documented hours were spent on these interviews according to the reports?

A whopping 142 minutes! Two hours and 22 minutes!

They spent 24 minutes on Gina Vonderheide, 56 minutes on Rob McCall and 62 minutes on Don Koonce.

State Prosecutor Vonderheide:

“Vonderheide explained to him seemed to be a system-wide failure and she did not believe that Don (the sheriff) deliberately overpaid the deputies.

How special. The former Public Prosecutor explains to the FAI that the salary malpractices pointed out by the Treasurer “appeared to be a system-wide failure.” Too bad she didn’t do anything to fix the system-wide failure. This confirms the need for a county-wide forensic audit, just as people originally wanted.

Vonderheide was asked about the inappropriate pay rise she gave herself when she took over.

“…the salary was taken to the Committee on Fees and Salaries.” “One of the board members said it wasn’t his fault and suggested she shouldn’t have to repay the overpayment to the county.

When board members think overpayments should not be refunded, they should be held accountable. Whoever that person is should resign if they are still on the Shelby County Board of Directors.

Rob McCall:

“McCall is notified when SCSO employees go 10-41 (on duty) or 10-42 (off duty) when they do it does not affect how employees are paid. SCSOs are salaried and 41/42 time does not affect how they are paid.

If what McCall told the ISP is true, then the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office lied to me when they confirmed in a FOIA request that the connection disconnect was how they track payment time. More shockingly, McCall tells the ISP that login and logout times have no impact on how people were paid because they were salaried. Surprise…they weren’t salaried. There’s no record of the ISP verifying McCall’s statement.

“…noted an example where Cindy Jones, SCSO dispatcher, “worked” 20 minutes less according to the SCSO CAD system. McCall said there are instances where dispatchers sometimes get to work a bit earlier and relieve the dispatcher who is currently working.

So if a person is relieved earlier, that means they are not working and should not be paid. Did I forget something?

“All employees are granted vacation and personal time at the same time and in accordance with the contract.”

Although they were able to have their vacation and their personal time at the same time, it is clear that it was not in accordance with the contract. There’s no record of the ISP verifying McCall’s statement.

“McCall informed the timings provided to Fimhaber in the FOIA request were not “final schedules” as SCSO does not maintain final schedules to reflect employees who call in sick or take personal time. McCall is not aware of any employee abusing the timing system.

Help me people. If a government office doesn’t maintain final schedules to reflect employees who call in sick or take personal time, how is that not abusing the timekeeping system? Why would someone submit a payroll schedule knowing it was not a final schedule?

Don Kooncé:

“Koonce advised that SCSO employees are required to complete a time sheet.”

Oh really? We urge the Shelby County Sheriffs Office to produce these timesheets, as to date no timesheets have been produced. In fact, that was the main concern raised by the current treasurer; departments were not recording time for payroll purposes. There is no record of ISP tracking to verify the veracity of Koonce’s statement.

“By contract, employees are salaried and are not paid by the hour”

McCall and Koonce therefore claim that the employees are salaried. There is no record of ISP tracking to verify the veracity of Koonce’s statement. We suggest the ISP read the contract and ask Koonce and McCall why they think the employees are salaried, among many other questions we’ll get to later.

“By contract, Koonce has stated that he reserves the right to change the work schedule and hours as he deems necessary. »

Koonce had no such right and anyone who reads the contract can see that for themselves. “The Employer reserves the right to review and modify shifts every ninety (90) days.” Nothing in the contract allows him to modify the hours as he claims. There is no record of ISP tracking to verify the veracity of Koonce’s statement.

We could go on for days with the failures we see in this investigation. The number of misrepresentations is staggering, as is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any follow up to validate what the ISP has been told. By all indications, if they were told something, they considered it to be accurate.

Stay tuned for a full exposure to the wrongdoings that have clearly plagued our investigative authorities. We expected nothing less as this was the same agency that had hundreds of files in the Coles County Sheriff’s investigation into gun trafficking and the former sheriff’s sale of guns Cox, to assert years later that no records existed and no investigation had taken place.


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