Gopeesingh calls for criminal investigation into COVID-19 report


A former UNC minister has urged the police commissioner and director of public prosecutions to investigate the government’s handling of the covid19 pandemic.

Speaking at a UNC briefing on Sunday at the opposition leader’s office in Port of Spain, Dr Tim Gopeesingh cited “criminal negligence and misconduct in public service”, as he commented on a report tabled Friday in the House of Representatives by a group of three people. team under the direction of Professor Terence Seemungal.

He recommended that the report be forwarded for “an investigation into criminal negligence and misconduct in the public service by all senior officials.” I say Minister Deyalsingh must do the honorable thing and resign immediately…”

Gopeesingh said the report confirmed the opposition’s two-year pandemic recommendations, which he said the government had repeatedly rejected.

“All of these problems could have been avoided or stopped in the same way if you had all listened to us,” he said.

“Listen to a few of us on this side, we were willing to work with you, but you refused. If you had listened to our recommendations and taken urgent action to remedy these deadly evils. We wouldn’t have lost 3,500 lives.

He said, however, that it was pressure from the opposition that led to this investigation.

“No citizen should have to insure these deadly mishaps and mismanagement…where do we all go from here as a country because that cannot be the all and end of this exercise. This report cannot and should not go along with other major reports in the health sector that were previously commissioned by former NMP governments.


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