Former Boston police chief for private investigation


A spokesperson for David Ortiz said the former Boston Red Sox slugger was “very interested” in finding out why a stranger shot him in the back three months ago, so much so that he hired the former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis to lead a separate private investigation. of the authorities of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican police determined three weeks after the June 9 shooting that Ortiz was not the actual target at a nightclub in Santo Domingo, citing mistaken identity. An armed man arrived on a motorcycle and fired at point blank range, according to the first police report. Authorities initially claimed Ortiz had been targeted by a squad.

“David has been following the government and police investigation closely,” Ortiz spokesman Joe Baerlein said on Monday in a statement via the Boston Globe. “He had no basis for a long time to challenge their mistaken identity theory. However, as new facts continue to emerge, it lends some optimism that other conclusions could be drawn beforehand. the end on why David was shot. ”

Other than an initial bedside interview at Santo Domingo hospital, Ortiz has not spoken to Dominican law enforcement, Baerlein said. Ortiz has also not been in contact with US authorities.

Davis, the former police commissioner, was in charge of BPD during the Boston Marathon bombings. Baerlein said Ortiz asked Davis to assemble a team of American and Dominican investigators to shed light on the shooting.

Ortiz has been recovering for a long time from the shooting. The 43-year-old underwent three operations before being released. Doctors removed his gallbladder and part of his intestine, and he was flown the next day on a Red Sox plane to Boston, where he underwent further surgery. He posed with his daughter in a photo on social media on Sunday, his first public appearance since the shooting.

“Big Papi” retired after the 2016 season. Ten-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion, Ortiz helped the Red Sox end their 86-year championship drought in 2004 and beat .688 against the St. Louis Cardinals in ’13 to win the series MVP.


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