Former BCSO Deputy, now Pioneer Village Officer, under criminal investigation


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A former Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office deputy who now works for the Pioneer Village Police Department has been under misconduct investigation since December 2020.

Former BCSO Sgt. Brent Hall resigned from the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office in June 2021 after learning he would be fired for lying and sexual misconduct.

According to investigation records, Hall responded to a 911 call to a woman’s home on December 26, 2020 at 7 a.m.; the woman was very drunk and was taken to hospital. Thirteen hours later, Hall returned to her home and had sex with her, but he hid this fact from investigators for 68 days.

On June 8, 2021, Bullitt County Sheriff Walt Sholar delivered a letter to Hall advising him that he would be fired. The reasoning was that Hall had lied to BCSO and Kentucky State Police investigators about what had happened six months prior following a 911 call.

Sholar’s letter claimed that at 7 a.m. on December 26, 2020, Hall visited a woman’s home. She was very drunk, so she had to be taken to the hospital. Then, 13 hours later, while Hall was off duty, he returned to her house with vodka and had sex with her, which he did not tell investigators about it for. more than three months.

According to the investigation by the sheriff’s office, Hall had been ordered to write a letter detailing what happened that night. In the letter, Hall said he had never had any contact with the woman other than on police business or her professional business.

In early March 2021, when state police investigators contacted Hall to collect DNA samples, sheriff’s office records show Hall admitted to having sex with her. In a follow-up interview with the chief deputy of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, Hall admitted that what he wrote was neither accurate nor truthful.

Statements from the Kentucky State Police and the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office informed WAVE that the investigation was ongoing, but no criminal charges had been filed against Hall.

When asked by WAVE if he would speak on the case, Hall directed the media to his attorney, Thomas Clay.

“We have to be very careful about what we say, and at this point we won’t be talking about this investigation,” Clay said. “I’m sure he will put forward a vigorous defense to any charges arising from a grand jury indictment.”

Hall resigned two days after receiving the pre-termination letter. According to Pioneer Village Police Department records, Hall applied, was hired, and was sworn in the same day he left BCSO.

In his application, he did not provide an answer to the question asking whether he had ever been fired, forced to resign, or whether he had resigned instead of being fired. He wrote that he was leaving BCSO due to a personal dispute with the administration.

Pioneer Village PD chef DJ Reynolds told WAVE there was no legal reason why Hall couldn’t be hired.

According to the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, the professional standards committee was made aware of Hall’s case in August of last year and the council referred him to a hearing officer. The process is still ongoing.

Hall ran as the Democratic candidate for sheriff of Bullitt County in the Kentucky primary on May 17 and lost by 69 votes.

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