Fact check – West Yorkshire Police are not conducting a criminal investigation into the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Britain


No criminal investigation is being conducted by West Yorkshire Police into the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Britain.

The false claim appeared in social media posts and an article (here and here) that cite a crime report made to the force, along with the crime reference number (CRN) that was issued as a result.

In a video embedded in the February 2 article, a woman is seen presenting documents to a police officer in what is believed to be Elland Road police station in Leeds – an area covered by West Yorkshire Police (here).

The documents, seen file:///C:/Users/C226896/Downloads/The-North-Unites-police-bundle-v1.pdf, describe claims of “significant and irrefutable evidence” that “significant injuries” and deaths are in progress. caused by COVID-19 vaccines. They also include allegations of grossly negligent manslaughter, murder, genocide, torture, and crimes against humanity, among others.

A police officer in the video is then seen filling out a crime report and explains that the complainants were assigned CRN 13220052372. There is also a brief mention of another CRN, 6029679/21, previously issued by the Metropolitan Police for the same allegations.

In a later clip, the same officer is seen addressing the group in a parking lot and appears to suggest an investigation is underway.

‘Obviously a massive emotional topic across the UK,’ he told the group (time stamp 37:35). “It’s already being studied. Because it’s so emotional and so in the press and stuff like that, how the West Yorkshire Police react to whatever you give us… that’s a decision that’s way above my level, basically.

According to the online article, the content and CRN indicate that an “active investigation” into the allegations is underway (here).

A Facebook post, meanwhile, urges “West Yorkshire victims” to contact police over “adverse reactions or blackmail” related to COVID-19 vaccines.

But there is no active investigation into the allegations made in the crime report, a West Yorkshire Police spokesman told Reuters.

‘We can say categorically that West Yorkshire Police have no investigation into this report or any other alleged crime relating to the vaccination scheme,’ they said.

“This non-criminal reference number was created so that documents could be electronically attached to our systems and to ensure that we have a record of the interaction.”

Reuters has also previously verified allegations about the Metropolitan Police CRN which stemmed from an apparent misunderstanding of CRNs (here).

A CRN means that the police have received and recorded a crime allegation. This does not necessarily mean that an investigation has been opened or that a crime has been committed.

According to the Metropolitan Police website, an ‘investigative assessment’ takes place after a CRN is created. This consists of a review of the information gathered to decide if further investigation is warranted. See more information about this process here.


Missing context. West Yorkshire Police said they had not launched an investigation into the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Britain. The reference number given was created so that documents could be electronically linked to police systems and ensure there was a record of the interaction.

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