Excerpts from the Blackhawks Sexual Assault Investigation Report


The full 107-page report of the independent investigation into the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2010 sexual assault allegations was released on Tuesday.

It details meetings between video coach Brad Aldrich and a player identified as John Doe who sued the team earlier this year, alleging Aldrich sexually assaulted him. The report also reveals how and when team officials learned of the situation and their inaction.

Here are some excerpts from the report released by former federal prosecutor Reid Schar:

“John Doe stated, among other details, that on one occasion during the second week of May 2010, Aldrich invited him to his apartment, offered him dinner and drinks, told him he had the power to get John Doe on the Blackhawks roster, and turned on the pornography.”

“John Doe recalled that after hitting Aldrich, Aldrich got up, grabbed a miniature Cubs baseball bat from a shelf or window, and told John Doe that John Doe was not okay. nowhere. John Doe remembered sitting at this point and froze. John Doe recalled Aldrich saying words to the effect of: “If you don’t lie down and don’t don’t act like you like it, I’ll make sure you never play in the NHL or walk again.”

“On May 23, 2010, Blackhawks Senior Director of Hockey Administration Al MacIsaac was advised by a Blackhawks employee that there may have been a sexual relationship involving Aldrich and John Doe. MacIsaac dispatched mental skills coach and Blackhawks team advisor Jim Gary to speak with John Doe to gather details about what might have happened. John Doe remembers telling Gary the details of meeting Aldrich.

“Later on May 23, less than an hour after the Blackhawks won the playoff game that secured their place in the Stanley Cup Finals, five senior executives (then-president John McDonough, MacIsaac, general manager Stan Bowman, then Executive Vice President Jay Blunk, then Assistant General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff), along with then-Head Coach Joel Quenneville and Gary, met to discuss what had been learned about Aldrich and John Doe. Accounts of the meeting vary widely and attendees had limited recollections of the details of the meeting. All attendees recalled being told that there had been an incident between Aldrich and John Doe involving a unwelcome sexual advance, but, for the most part, attendees said they only learned of the incident at a high level – that Aldrich, a trainer, tried to “go under the sheets” with John Doe , a player.’

“Bowman recalled that after learning of the incident, Quenneville shook his head and said it was difficult for the team to get to where they were and they couldn’t fix it now. “

“Bowman doesn’t recall anyone explicitly referring to the idea that the question should be asked before the playoffs. On the contrary, Bowman recalled the discussion about the need to know more about what happened. Bowman further recalled that he asked McDonough what McDonough wanted to do and McDonough replied that Bowman should leave it to McDonough. Bowman said that at the end of the meeting, Bowman thought the matter was in McDonough’s hands and that everyone should focus on the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals.

“Although there was a general failure to recall how the meeting ended, Bowman recalled a statement from McDonough, the most senior member of management in the room, that he would handle the situation.” Regardless of who was or was perceived to be responsible for handling the situation, Aldrich continued to travel and work with the team and participate in team activities throughout the playoffs. We found no evidence that any action was taken to resolve the issue before the end of the playoffs.


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