Donald Trump is the subject of a criminal investigation


Former U.S. President Donald Trump has serious issues, including criminal charges, since the FBI discovered about 700 pages of classified documents from Mar-a-Largo in January. Some of them were at the highest levels of classification. In fact, these are purely official documents. Currently, there are no allegations against an incumbent president. Liz Cheney, Republican House Representative and daughter of a former Republican Vice President, is said to be in competition with Donald Trump. It’s ironic that as of now, the Republican Party has taken no action against former President Donald Trump. Maybe they’re looking for Justice Department action. Donald Trump, on the other hand, treats the legal problem as a political problem. Maybe it won’t hold at all. Many commentators are of the opinion that the strategy will not be successful at all. Donald Trump’s contempt for the rule of law in the United States seems so brazen that it cannot be ignored at all. On January 6, 2021, he organized a riot in front of the Capitol to declare him the winner of the electoral votes. Representatives from both houses were present as the Electoral College vote count was underway by Republican Party Vice President Mike Pence. A group of people with batons and guns entered the area of ​​the Capitol where the two Houses of Parliament sit. Interestingly, President Trump gave a very emotional speech to rioters who marched to the Capitol breaking through police barriers. They marched through the police outpost and entered the Capitol with flags and weapons chanting “fight for Donald Trump.” It has never been observed in the United States of America. According to CNN, right-wing rioters invaded the Capitol and temporarily delayed the counting of votes and the issuance of the certificate to President Joe Biden. It was very unnatural, indeed. It was ironic that the former president saw impeachment motions twice during his presidency by the House of Representatives, including a few Republican Party members. No president has ever been impeached in the recent past. Now comes the Supreme Court, which rejected the former president’s request to try to undermine the investigation into the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. Hopefully the former president will likely be jailed.
A good number of former attorneys general as well as Donald Trump’s personal attorney’s investigators will prove his guilt beyond doubt, while a trial for massive fraud could destroy Donald Trump financially. There is little doubt that Donald Trump’s behavior was unethical as it is revealed that he took away more official secret documents. Interestingly, a senior Republican senator close to Donald Trump reportedly asked a police officer why he didn’t beat the rioters badly.

Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh, former co-director of Central Kachi-kachar Mela, Bangladesh’s largest children’s organization, and former president of the Nova Toastmaster International Club of America, writes from Falls Church, Virginia


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