Cyril Ramaphosa under investigation after the ‘theft’ of a large sum of money from his game farm


Mr Fraser, a close ally of Mr Zuma, said burglars broke into the 11,120-acre farm in February 2020 and stole large sums of US dollars hidden in furniture. He alleges the president then tried to cover up the theft, paying staff to keep quiet.

Mr Ramaphosa said the money came from the sale of cattle and he reported the theft to his head of presidential protection. He denies wrongdoing.

Yet otherwise he gave little, saying he could not comment on an ongoing police investigation.

Why so much money was allegedly hidden in furniture on his farm, what it was used for, and why the theft took more than two years to come to light remains a mystery. The allegations and his silence have tarnished his reputation as a leader determined to clean up both the corrupt South African government and the ANC.

“I deny that there was any form of money laundering,” he told parliament last week. “It was proceeds from the sale of the game.”

Certainly, his stud farms and valuable herds of buffaloes, antelopes and long-horned Ankole cattle bring in a lot of money. In 2018 he reportedly sold a bull buffalo for £200,000, among £1million of cattle at a single auction. Other farmers in the area told the Telegraph that his farm was well run and efficient and that he was well liked by neighbors despite their different backgrounds.


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