Cost of police investigation into Christchurch cemetery to be revealed


GWENT Police have confirmed when information will be made available to the public about the cost of the inquest at Christchurch Cemetery in Newport.

After a week of police investigations, the agents found an “object” in undeveloped land adjoining the cemetery, and a “sensitive search of the area” was then launched on Wednesday May 4 to identify the object.

Gwent Police worked alongside the Department of Justice and Newport City Council to investigate the site.

Map of Christchurch Cemetery and surrounding areas in Newport, with the area cordoned off by police marked in red. Original image: Google

On Monday May 9, officers confirmed that the investigation at Christchurch Cemetery was complete and no criminal investigation was required.

A day later, Gwent Police told the Argus what the object turned out to be.

A Gwent Police spokesperson said: ‘We found a mixture of objects below ground – compacted soil, rubble, boulders and boulders.

Following this news, the Argus asked Gwent Police what the cost of the investigation had been.

That information, a Gwent Police spokesperson said, would not be available for at least a few months.

“The full cost of the investigation will not be apparent for approximately three months as they have not yet been recorded,” they said.

Officers had been called in to investigate the site as a precaution after initial soil tests showed what appeared to be an ‘object’ under the ground, a police spokesman said at the time.

“At that time, we couldn’t rule out that it could have been something criminal,” the spokesperson said.

“When we were called we had to think about what the worst case scenario could be.

“Fortunately, nothing untoward required a criminal investigation.”


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