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Demand in China’s construction and machinery market is driven by investments in fixed assets such as real estate and infrastructure. In general, when investment in real estate and infrastructure in China increases, the demand for construction machinery will follow suit.

The demand for investment in fixed assets is the main factor affecting the development of the domestic construction machinery industry. In 2020, infrastructure accounted for the largest proportion of construction machinery demand (around 45%), and mining and real estate accounted for around 20% respectively.

The decline rate of exports is 16.8%, which was greater than the decline of total exports. Exports to BRICS countries amounted to $2.511 billion, or 12%, down 9.29% year-on-year. Among them, the Brazilian market share showed a rare increase, with a growth rate of 0.1%.

The production and export volume of China’s construction machinery industry was ranked first in the world. In the first half of 2021, 11 Chinese enterprises were among the world’s top 50 construction machinery enterprises. In addition, China’s sales and sales growth rate have reached the top spot in the world.

According to this market research, the construction machinery industry development cycle is basically in line with the macroeconomic development trend. The prosperity of China’s construction machinery is affected by many factors such as domestic market demand, exports and government policies, which are generally favorable.

Market research shows that China’s entire construction machinery products are mainly exported to countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Japan, Australia, India and the Vietnam, while machinery parts are mainly exported to the United States, Europe and European countries. .

In 2017, the export value reached USD 20.969 billion, with a reduction of 13.6% year-on-year. The main reason for this reduction is that the target market has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2020, China’s construction machinery exports to major export target countries fell about 8.6% year-on-year.

Exports to countries along the Belt and Road amounted to US$8.973 billion, accounting for 42.8 percent of total exports. The decline rate of exports is 16.8%, which was greater than the decline of total exports. Exports to BRICS countries amounted to $2.511 billion, or 12%, down 9.29% year-on-year. Among them, the Brazilian market share showed a rare increase, with a growth rate of 0.1%.

According to the analysis, with the improvement of construction machinery manufacturing in China, many Chinese enterprises have entered the international market through mergers and acquisitions, which enables them to use the brand, the technology and sales channels acquired targets in order to make inroads into the global arena

In 2020, the level of urbanization in China was around 63.9%, which was above the average level in the world, far behind that of developed countries. During the period 2018-2022, the urbanization rate is expected to reach 65.5%, an increase of more than 80 million urban population.

The rise of urbanization will promote the development of real estate and infrastructure construction, and further stimulate the demand for construction machinery. In addition, the 2020 Rural China Digital Development Report pointed out that rural areas in China will continue to develop during the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).

Therefore, the upgrading of rural infrastructure and other upgrades will promote the demand for construction machinery in China. At the same time, with the easing of the new corona epidemic, overseas sales of Chinese construction machinery will experience a resumption of growth, and the export value may experience strong growth. Overall, from 2021 to 2025, China’s construction machinery industry will continue to develop.

Main topics covered:

1 Basic concepts of the construction machinery industry
1.1 Construction Machinery Industry Definition and Classification
1.2 Economic Status of China Construction Machinery Industry
1.3 The impact of COVID-19 on the construction machinery industry in China

2 Development Environment of China Construction Machinery Industry, 2016-2020
2.1 Economic environment
2.2 Political Environment of Construction Machinery Industry

3 Operating Status of China Construction Machinery Industry, 2016-2020
3.1 China Construction Machinery Supply Status
3.1.1 Construction Machinery Production Volume Overview
3.2 Construction Machinery Demand Status
3.2.1 Market Size
3.2.2 Major Construction Machinery Demand Markets
3.4 China Construction Machinery Industry Investment and Financing Analysis
3.4.1 Capital investment
3.4.2 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

4 Competitive Status of China Construction Machinery Industry
4.1 Barriers to entry
4.1.1 Technological barriers
4.1.2 Political obstacles
4.2 Structure of the competition

5 China Construction Machinery Industry Chain Analysis, 2016-2020
5.1 Upstream Construction Machinery Industries
5.1.1 Iron industry
5.1.2 Non-ferrous metal industry
5.1.3 The impact of upstream industries on the construction machinery industry
5.2 Downstream industries
5.2.1 Real Estate
5.2.2 Railway construction
5.2.3 Construction of highways
5.2.4 Water conservation engineering
5.2.5 Electric power industry
5.2.6 Coal industry

6 China Construction Machinery Industry Sub-sector Analysis, 2016-2020

7 China Construction Machinery Industry Import and Export, 2016-2020

Top 8 Construction Machinery Manufacturers in China Market, 2016-2020
8.1 XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Business Profile
8.1.2 Operating status
8.2 Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
8.3 Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
8.4 Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.5 China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
8.6 Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.7 Lovol Heavy Industry CO., LTD
8.8 Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.9 Northern Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.
8.10 Lonking Machinery Co.,Ltd
8.11 Sunward Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd.
8.12 Chinese National Society of Machinery Industry
8.13 Qingdao Tianneng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
8.14 Qingdao Choho Industry Co., Ltd.
8.15 Luoyang Xinqianglian Slew Bearing Co., Ltd.
8.16 Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.17 Hongsheng Technology Co., Ltd.
8.18 Hangcha Group Co., Ltd.
8.19 Shenzhen Liande Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
8.20 Zhongding Anhui Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.

9 China Construction Machinery Industry Development Forecast 2021-2025
9.1 Factors influencing the development of construction machinery industry in China, 2021-2025
9.1.1 Construction Machinery Industry Market Driving Forces and Opportunities, 2021- 2025
9.1.2 Construction Machinery Industry Threats and Challenges, 2021-2025
9.2 China Construction Machinery Industry Supply Forecast, 2021- 2025
9.3 China Construction Machinery Industry Demand Forecast, 2021-2025

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