Casey Anthony started a private investigation company in Florida

  • Casey Anthony, 34, opened a private investigation firm in West Palm Beach, Florida, according to state documents.
  • Anthony was charged with murdering his daughter in 2008, but was later found not guilty in a highly publicized trial in 2011.
  • The business address listed on the LLC registration document relates to Patrick McKenna, the former lead private investigator for Anthony’s defense team.
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Casey Anthony, the Florida woman best known for her high-profile homicide trial in the 2011 death of her two-year-old daughter, has opened a private investigation firm in West Palm Beach, according to state business records.

Anthony, 34, was convicted in 2011 of four counts of lying to law enforcement during the homicide investigation surrounding the death of his daughter, Caylee. She was found not guilty of first degree murder, child manslaughter and aggravated child abuse charges.

The company, Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC, was registered on December 14 and became active in early 2021. The address listed on the LLC registration document is the home address of the investigator private from Florida, Patrick McKenna, who was the principal private. investigator for Anthony’s defense team during the 2011 trial.

According to previous reports from The Associated Press in 2017, Anthony and McKenna previously lived together, but it’s unclear if the two still share a home. After her 2011 conviction, McKenna spoke to the Palm Beach Post where he told the publication that while flawed, she was not a murderer.

“Yeah, she’s a liar. Yeah, she’s deranged. She may be a very deranged young woman, but she’s not a murderer,” McKenna said. “She loved that baby. I think the jury saw that kid didn’t commit first degree murder.”

According to The New York Times, Anthony’s trial and verdict reading attracted millions of simultaneous viewers of live video on the cable news channel, HLN. Even five weeks after Anthony’s trial began, the channel continued to draw 1.2 million viewers at all times of the day, overtaking Fox News as the most-watched news channel.

The trial wasn’t the first high-profile case in McKenna’s career – the investigator was also a member of OJ Simpson’s defense team in 1995.

Anthony does not currently have a private investigator license in Florida, a process that includes holding two years of investigative work experience, passing a background check, and passing a state exam. .

According to Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which regulates private investigator licensing in the state, “the department will deny your application if … found guilty of an offense in any other state, territory or country punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, unless and until civil rights have been restored and a period of 10 years has elapsed since the final release of the supervision.”

In 2015 Anthony founded a photography company, Case Photography, LLC, but dissolved the business in 2018.


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