Bodycam video shows paramedics trying to save Halyna Hutchins moments after filming


The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office released a series of documents and videos Monday related to their investigation into last year’s “Rust” shooting in New Mexico, including footage of the frantic moments after a gun fire held by Alec Baldwin discharged cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

This particular video shows paramedics trying to save Hutchins. Body camera footage was recorded by one of the detectives responding to the scene. The images are graphic and TheWrap has made the decision not to show them.

The footage, according to the timestamp, was recorded at 2:09 p.m. on October 21, 2021 and shows Hutchins on the ground surrounded by first responders as they give him oxygen and apply bandages. Members of the “Rust” production crew can be seen nearby.

The crew members tell the paramedics, “Her name is Halyna Hutchins.” The first responders then called her several times in an effort to keep her alert.

At one point, a paramedic informs that two people have been shot and describes their injuries in detail. Director Joel Souza was shot in the arm. (He was taken to hospital, treated and released).

Hutchins was then placed on a stretcher and transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Hutchins left behind a husband and a young son.

“Today the Sheriff’s Office is releasing all records associated with our ongoing investigation,” Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said in a statement. “The files are all related to the investigation into the filming of the film ‘Rust’ and include reverse/dash camera footage from deputies and detectives, incident reports, crime scene photos, examination reports, witness interviews, filming videos and staff photos collected throughout this investigation.”

However, Mendoza said some evidence is still outstanding. “including FBI firearms and ballistics forensics as well as DNA and latent fingerprint analysis, New Mexico Medical Examiner’s Office Report of Findings, and analysis of phone data from Mr. Alec Baldwin extracted by Suffolk County Sheriff’s Investigators.”

Last week, the Office of Occupational Health and Safety and the New Mexico Department of the Environment announced that he was imposing a fine the production team behind “Rust” its maximum sentence for what it found in one report to be “pure indifference” regarding gun safety on the film’s set that led to Hutchins’ death. The fine would have been $139,793.

A lawyer for Baldwin responded to the report and said he “exonerated” the actor that he believed the weapon was a “cold” gun, as he had previously stated.

Baldwin has not been charged.


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