Blac Chyna under criminal investigation


Blac Chyna is the subject of a criminal investigation for assault and battery TMZ, after she allegedly kicked a woman in the stomach and damaged her phone early Friday morning at a bar in Los Angeles. The alleged victim, Sequoya King, filed a police report against the model, saying TMZ she and Chyna had a verbal altercation that turned physical.

King claims Chyna snatched his phone from his hands and threw it on the floor after she got angry thinking people were recording her at the bar. King denied using his phone to record, but said Chyna didn’t believe her, also kicking her in the stomach and knocking her down. King says Chyna’s friends took her and put her in a car. In the aftermath video of the alleged attack, you can hear King say, “Did you feel good when you kicked my belly fat?” Chyna and her legal team have yet to respond to the allegation.

Chyna’s alleged altercation follows her loss to the Kardashians in a $140 million defamation lawsuit. Chyna alleged that the famous family defamed her by claiming that she was violent with her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, which ended up ruining her reality TV career by causing the end of Rob and Chyna a!. A jury decided not to award Chyna damages in her nearly five-year lawsuit against the family, finding the Kardashian family’s actions did not affect the longevity of Chyna’s reality show or her career in general.

In the aftermath, Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, said TMZ that she has plans for a new show with her daughter. “We’re going to make one [a new show]on my network it’s called the SHN network it’s called Talk with Tokyo“, Toni told the outlet, explaining that the new series is not a reality show, but a talk show featuring guests. “Every day [we will be interviewing] celebrity people, you TMZbloggers, take the stage, sit down and talk.” When asked directly if the series would be a reality show, she replied, “Oh no no no… Two chairs and a couch so anyone can sit down make yourself comfortable and talk to [us].”


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