Big blow for Dileep, a more in-depth investigation report will remain, according to the court, a respite for the branch of crime – KERALA – CRIME


KOCHI: A big blow to actor Dileep in the actress’ assault case. The Ernakulam Magistrate’s Court rejected the plea filed by Dileep, the eighth defendant in the case and co-defendant Sarath, demanding the dismissal of the supplementary investigation report. The court ruled that the charges in the report would stand. The court asked the accused to appear on October 31 to hear the reading of the indictment. Sessions Judge Honey M Varghese delivered the verdict.

Dileep claimed that nothing new was found in the investigation carried out by the criminal branch based on Director Balachandra Kumar’s statement. He also called for the supplementary investigation report to be dismissed and for the trial to end as soon as possible. In the first indictment, rape charges were brought against Dileep. After further investigation, another charge was filed against Dileep. The new offense was charged with deleting information from the phone, which the High Court ordered produced. The prosecution claimed that Dileep destroyed evidence from the Mumbai lab phones with the help of a private hacker.

Dileep’s friend Sarath has been accused of covering up visuals of the attacked actress. Only Sarath was arrested after further investigation. Balachandra Kumar said it was Sarath who brought the actress’ attack scenes to an iPad at Dileep in Aluva and also invited her to watch them. 112 witness statements and more than 300 supporting evidence were submitted to the court as part of the supplementary investigation report.

The crime branch got a big relief with the court’s verdict in the actress’ attack case. The defense argument was that there was nothing in the supplemental investigative report and that it was a false story created by the criminal branch. Dileep argued in court that the crime branch made up a false story when it was about to lose the case. This has now been rejected by the court.



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