Authorities are speeding up the search for Dylan Rounds with a criminal investigation


BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah – The desperate search for missing Dylan Rounds, 19, in Box Elder County continued Thursday, with the sheriff’s office announcing a criminal investigation.

Family members reported that Rounds disappeared from his home on Memorial Day. Rounds, 19, is originally from eastern Idaho but lives in Lucin, Utah, working to farm on his family’s property.

His mother, Candice Cooley, said he was last seen in Montello, Nevada, on May 26 and last heard from on Saturday, May 28 when he called his grandmother early in the morning. They believe he was at his farm in Lucin at the time.

He told his grandmother he would call her back later that day, but never did.

Two and a half weeks into the search in the arid desert that borders Nevada, Cooley said, “It’s been awful because we haven’t got anything.”

“We go down the rabbit hole and there is nothing. We come out, we skip another one and there is still nothing,” she added.

Cooley said Rounds’ trucks, equipment and trailer are still on the property.

“His farm was his life,” she says. “For him, we knew that was not a possibility.”

Cade Palmer, deputy chief of Box Elder County, said volunteer crews logged more than 300 hours of searching, covering more than 3,000 miles. Their detectives spent 650 hours investigating the case, which is now considered a criminal investigation.

“If I could summarize this research, it would be difficult and exhausting,” Palmer said.

Palmer would not comment on the investigation, but said they found nothing new that would point them to where Rounds might be.

“That’s when things start to look like this isn’t normal. Something else is happening,” he said. “Whether or not you find evidence of a crime, he was not in the area where he was supposed to be.”

As hard as it is to hear “criminal investigation,” words were overdue for Cooley, who for a time believed there was foul play involved in her son’s disappearance.

“We may be a little behind the boat, but at least it’s happening,” she said.

She also said the additional investigation brings some relief, knowing that others are working around the clock to find answers on Rounds.

“You feel like you’re getting help. It’s just a relief. It’s a weight on your shoulders. You feel you don’t have to do it yourself. You are no longer alone. »

Cooley said she believed someone knew something and was determined to keep the spotlight on the search for her son.


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