A potential criminal investigation into Trump is making headlines – unless the media decides to give him a pass


The mainstream media faces a serious moral test: Will they give the same degree of front-page headlines and saturation television coverage to reports that former President Donald Trump may have mishandled classified documents, as they did to James Comey’s infamous letter targeting Hillary Clinton in 2016?

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the National Archives and Records Administration has asked the Justice Department to examine Trump’s mishandling of official documents, which in turn has sparked discussions about whether Trump could potentially be indicted in the penal. This follows news earlier this week, also from the Post, that the National Archives recently recovered 15 boxes documents and other items from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that he had illegally removed from the White House.

A key line from the latest article should raise red flags: “Archives officials suspected that Trump may have violated laws regarding the handling of government documents — including those that could be considered classified — and contacted the Department of Justice, people familiar with the matter said.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media has already gotten off to an unpromising start in covering Trump’s mishandling of these documents.

Wednesday’s Post article also contained this odd paragraph, along with a number of contradictory and baseless claims that Trump’s ignorance and incompetence could protect him from legal danger (emphasis added):


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