A criminal investigation has been opened in the office of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorders


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Investigations at the Mesa County Board of Elections now include a criminal aspect.

The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office joins the investigation after being asked by the Secretary of State’s office to pursue possible criminal charges. Secretary of State Jena Griswold first announced the charges after a security breach led to election passwords being posted on social media.

Currently, there is no specific target for the criminal investigation.

The secretary of state’s office said county clerk and archivist Tina Peters did not respond to any requests for information, but Peters was commenting on the election Tuesday night.

Videos and photos of Peters circulated on social media on Tuesday night as she spent the evening in South Dakota taking part in an event focused on rigging the 2020 election. The event was organized by the “My Pillow” founder Mike Lindell, a staunch supporter of President Trump.

On several occasions, Peters told KREX 5 that Colorado’s election was the safest and most secure in the country. However, videos from the event on Twitter show Peters discussing the Secretary of State’s Mesa County investigation, with allegations of people raiding his office during his flight to South Dakota.

Secretary Griswold said violations being investigated by her office could result in the decertification of voting systems in Mesa County


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